First YL from Malaysia contacted William McArthur on board the ISS

Hello All,

William (Bill) McArthur, KC5ACR, has been very active operating ham radio from the International Space Station (ISS) the previous weekend. On the 21st and 22nd January 2006 (Saturday and Sunday), I managed to make another two QSOs with Bill on board the ISS. With this, I had made a total of three QSOs with Bill and five QSOs with the ISS crews.

What is more interesting is that, my mother, Kathleen (9W2MAH) also managed to make a contact on the 22nd January 2006. Congratulations to my mother, who has became the first YL from Malaysia to have worked Bill!!! Although she was a bit nervous, I am still very proud that she managed to make the contact.

The details of the QSO are as follows:

QSO No.4
21st January 2006, 1955 Hours MYT or 1155 Hours UTC
Maximum Elevation: 9 degrees

QSO No.5
22st January 2006, 2017 Hours MYT or 1217 Hours UTC
Maximum Elevation: 19 degrees

For those who would like to hear the recording of the two QSOs above, kindly click on the following links:

Sorry for the quality of the recordings, as I have reduced them to conserve bandwidth. If you would like a higher quality version, kindly email me at

I would like to wish Bill all the best in achieving his DXCC and good DX.

Equipment used was ICOM IC-910H and 10-element 2M Yagi, vertically polarized. The antenna was mounted on a Yaesu G-5500 rotator, and it was automatically tracked with WISP & WISPDDE. Frequencies were 145.800 MHz Downlink and 144.490 Uplink, and I was only running 50 watts of power.

Good luck and good DX to all.

Sion Chow Q. C.,

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